Sunday, 20 November 2016

Labour needs a rethink on Brexit

Whilst it was good to see John McDonnell calling on the duplicitous May and her government to "borrow for investment, end cruel spending cuts", and "reform the tax system", it was a little mystifying to read also that Labour will not "block or delay" article 50 (Morning Star,16/11/16). The argument that this would be to "side with corporate elites" is flawed, because that is exactly what this Tory government will be planning for Britain`s leaving of the EU.
Furthermore, unless parliament, and that includes all of the opposition parties, threatens to discuss, and if necessary amend article 50, the Tories will have a blank cheque to arrange for Brexit on their own terms. Those will include as many benefits for big business as possible, and "ordinary people`s rights" will be way down in the list of Tory priorities, as will the free movement of labour, something which Corbyn supports.

   Caroline Lucas is right in saying Labour should rethink this "premature move"; it makes no sense, economically or politically. The thought of May and her cronies arranging the terms of our exit from the EU, without opposition amendments, is too frightening for words! 

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