Monday, 30 January 2017

Can May`s policies sink any lower?

Are there any greater depths to which Theresa May can take British foreign policy (No focus on human rights with Erdogan, 28/01/17)? Not content with telling the leaders of such noxious kingdoms as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia that the UK is "determined to be  your partner of choice", a month before the first executions for six years took place in Bahrain, she then visits the White House, to make deals with Trump, the torture supporter, and betrays all the millions who marched against his misogyny last weekend.
 To deepen the hole that she is digging for herself and her foreign policy, May next meets with the Turkish president, Erdogan, the torture enforcer, who has overseen the arrest or sacking of around 137,000 judges, teachers, civil servants, journalists and military personnel since July. Despite being urged to extol the need for "fully upholding human rights, as well as the rule of law" by the Bar Human Rights Committee, May will only state her view on human rights "if they come up"! No doubt Erdogan will be invited for a state visit too! Perhaps even to join a Triple Alliance, as long as they buy their engines for their fighter jets from Britain?
   Such desperation and unprincipled behaviour by the prime minister cannot be allowed to continue. It`s not just "decent Tories", to use Ed Miliband`s words, who are feeling distinctly "queasy"!


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