Saturday, 28 January 2017

letter to i on May visiting Trump

In accepting the White House invitation, it is clear Theresa May has made a grave error of judgement, and with appallingly crass remarks like the one about how "opposites attract", she has also badly let down all those who marched against Trump`s misogyny last weekend. To make matters worse, the visit comes at a time when not only, as Mary Dejevsky says, May is "chasing the fiction of that special relationship", she is also, as must be clear to Trump, desperate for a trade deal to show that her Brexit plans can work (May might as well stay at home,27/01/17).

     With the American corporations keen to get their hands on as much of our health provision as possible, the president in favour of putting his country "first", and the prime minister repeatedly refusing to guarantee that "the National Health Service would be off the table", its not only "decent Tories" who are "feeling queasy" (May invokes Cold War spirit to give strong warning over Russia,27/01/17).

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