Thursday, 19 January 2017

More details needed on high pay

What a shame such good ideas on capping high pay should be revealed in a radio interview (Morning Star,11/01/17). How much more effective such an obviously popular policy announcement would have been, had it been made after consultation, at least with the shadow cabinet. I don`t blame Corbyn, entirely, for this as he had to respond to the question, but I do wonder what his advisers are actually doing.
        Surely, in such an important  week for Labour and its leader, massive preparations would have taken place, rehearsing Corbyn in answers to the expected questions, and informing the MPs of what was in store? This would have ensured clarity on freedom of movement, Brexit generally, and pay caps.
       Of course, the pay policies are sensible, but even by the time of Corbyn`s afternoon speech, more details should have been ironed out. These are election winning policies, the sort that can appeal to the majority of voters disgusted by corporate greed, but without sufficient detail, they can have the opposite effect, especially after the mainstream media has had its say.
        The policies suggested could ultimately prove to be game-changers, but not until they are allied with ones dealing with private companies without government contracts, and with a comprehensive tax framework. The latter could, of course, include an tax level of 100% on incomes over £500,000 or whatever top level is  decided.
     Inevitably, such ideas will cause the usual knee-jerk reaction from the right: firms will move abroad, votes of the aspirational will be lost, accountants will still find loopholes etc. Answers to these and more must be prepared and made available so all are on the same page, there is no lack of clarity and votes can be won.

     It`s hardly rocket science!

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