Friday, 6 January 2017

May wrong on Israel

In her response to John Kerry`s description of Netanyahu`s administration as being the "most right-wing" in Israel`s history, Theresa May displayed yet again the duplicity to which we have become accustomed from Tory politicians (Morning Star, 31.12/16). Saying it was wrong to focus on "single issues like settlement building" and preferable to look at the "wider peace process", beggars belief. It`s like saying the Tories` economic policy should not be judged by the recent autumn statement, or that their education policies should not be viewed on their stance on grammar schools and selection! Actually, it`s also the same as saying you shouldn`t criticise the England football team for its abysmal performances in recent tournaments, because they won the World Cup in 1966!
     What it tells us, unsurprisingly, is that the Tories specialise in treating everyone like mugs, incapable of understanding what is really going on. Now that May has used this strategy with the Americans, perhaps the penny will drop with the Labour MPs who refuse to support Corbyn; the Tories clearly regard them as idiots, and treat them as such, for refusing to accept the only leader around at present who can really challenge the Tories at the polls.


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