Friday, 20 January 2017

May lacks courage to sack Johnson

The most recent gaffe by Johnson illustrates not only his complete unsuitability for the job, but also May`s cowardice (Boris may not have used the word "Nazi" - but then he didn`t need to, 20/01/16). How can we hope to have any allies in the EU, to organise a  Brexit "with minimal damage", when our Foreign Secretary has a habit of making what Tim Farron rightly calls "utterly crass" remarks? How can we expect countries outside the EU, like India, to make favourable trading deals with us, when the so-called "diplomat" sent to make the deal is prone to making racist comments?
 The fact that just 24 hours earlier, May had warned her ministers that "any stray word" would make the Brexit problem even greater, shows how cowardly our prime minister is. Any other cabinet member would be sacked for such remarks, but Johnson`s dismissal, deserved as it is, might get him increased support from the right, and May doesn`t want a strong rival on the backbenches. She is putting her own position before the nation`s future, and that is despicable.


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