Wednesday, 23 October 2013

chemical weapons, 27/09/10

Good news that the United Nations Security Council has agreed on the text of a draft resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons.Whether this can be a start to meaningful negotiations to end conflict in the Middle East is debateable, however, as the whole world is aware of the possession of nuclear weapons by Israel, and that country`s determination not to allow any other country in the region to have them.
 There is another matter which can only serve to encourage distrust, and that is, of course, the position of America, and her foreign policy, which supports Israel, no matter what.
According to the respected journalist, George Monbiot, in an article for the Guardian earlier this month, America`s hypocrisy can know no bounds. The details of chemical weapon use by America in Vietnam is well known,especially that of agent orange and napalm, but how many people are aware of more recent events? Monbiot tells us that in 1997 the US agreed to decommission "the 31,000 tonnes of sarin,VX,mustard gas and other agents it possessed within ten years"; surprisingly this didn`t happen , and in 2012 "it claimed they would be gone by 2021"!
 Israel also not only used the chemical weapon, white phosphorous, as a weapon in Gaza, it also "refuses to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention". Both Russia and America are keeping the pathogen for smallpox "in cold storage" in order to "develop defences against possible biological weapons attack"!
Naturally, our wonderful government cannot be kept out of the discussion, for didn`t it allow for chemicals known to be essential in the production of sarin to be sold to Syria?

How the so-called leaders can sit down together and display deep concern and even anger when a country uses such awful weapons, and still keep their faces straight, is beyond understanding. For goodness sakes, Labour, keep out of this madness, and pledge to scrap Trident straightaway, with the hypocrisy and secrecy of other countries being stated as one of the main reasons

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