Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tories at election time:what are they like?28/09/13

Don`t you just love election time? It`s when politicians wake up; Miliband comes up with policies for which ordinary people have been waiting months, if not years. Clegg, of course, has to pretend he and his "lickspittle allies" of the Tories had nothing to do with tax reductions for the rich, the bedroom tax, destruction of the welfare state, university fees` hike, privatisation of anything that moves and such like; presumably, he was too busy ensuring fairness was "hardwired" into government policies?

 As for the Tories, there is news that a group of them, backed by Eric Pickles, wants their conference to support  a six-point pledge which includes promises like raising the minimum wage and cutting fuel duty! They suddenly want to position themselves "as the workers`party"! You couldn`t, as is often said, make it up. After years of freezing wages, cutting benefits and jobs, doing nothing about the lack of regulation of rents, energy prices, the banking bonus culture, and tax avoidance by their City friends, and introducing policies of privatisation which can only mean further job losses, they wonder why they have "failed to appeal to working class voters, northern urban voters, ethnic minority voters, and people outside Tory heartlands". They cannot be serious. Now we are expected to believe that they care about ordinary people`s welfare, and want to raise wages and cut prices. What on earth do they take us for?

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