Thursday, 24 October 2013

US hypocrisy and Syria

So much hypocrisy! So many double-standards! Presumably it`s not "morally obscene" to use American drones which have killed and wounded indiscriminately in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Yemen? International law is again so important Dominic Grieve is to advise the NSC on the legality of British and American intervention in Syria, yet Israel`s many breaches go unpunished, and their atrocities,now so frequent,against some of "the world`s most vulnerable people" are barely regarded as newsworthy, certainly not front-page material. It appears it`s morally justifiable to massacre Palestinians, and build settlements on their land! (MStar 27/08/13)

     And still no "smoking gun"; with modern history including so many examples of politicians, and their military advisers, faking attacks, or ignoring warnings, so that innocents die in the hope wars are started or escalated, Cameron`s "little doubt" remark is clearly insufficient to convince anyone that there is concrete evidence to support his claim that the order to use the chemical weapons came from the Syrian government; as your editorial rightly says (MStar,28/08/13) "our leaders lie to us", some governments more than others. Why Cameron`s sincerity should be believed over foreign affairs more than the barrage of untruths he and his cronies have launched at the British people since 2010 is a mystery. The British parliament needs to consider whether the suddenly all-important "morality" is best served by air strikes and cruise missiles, which will almost certainly lead to a larger and long-lasting conflict. Do modern wars really end in victory, with the enemy defeated and removed, peace restored to the area, the local people better off, and the military effort justified, or do they actually serve little purpose other than offering opportunities to politicians to posture, and arms manufacturers to profit, whilst causing unnecessary suffering to thousands?

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