Thursday, 24 October 2013


As for linking the north with continental Europe, Simon Jenkins rightly points out that HS2 does not actually connect with HS1 and St Pancras, but finishes at Euston! (HS2 isn`t the next Olympics. It`s a domestic Afghan war, 11/09/13) He is also right to point out that already the "rise in intercity passenger numbers is slackening off"; couWhen the government has to employ the accountancy firm, KPMG, to make its case for HS2, it`s a sure sign that the argument is being lost, and when KPMG`s conclusion is that the new line will benefit the economy by £15bn we are expected to believe that the only factor holding back the British economy is poor transport! We are also told by government propagandists that HS2 will reduce the wealth gap between north and south. Assuming that the intention here is to boost the economy of the north rather than reduce that of the south,logic demands that the first priority must be to build first the line connecting the northern industrial centres, and the London link last. Prioritising the 45 minute journey from London to Birmingham only serves to emphasise the importance of the capital to the economy. The point made by the HS2 supporter in Birmingham that it will "stop talented young people feeling they have to leave for London" may be valid, but it will nevertheless encourage them to seek work there! (HS2 is a heart by pass to unclog travel arteries,minister claims,11/09/13)
ld this have anything to do with the increased use by business people of modern technology, skype and video conferencing, all very good methods of doing business, without travelling at all?

         Miliband must come out in complete opposition to the project now; HS2 is simply a vanity project of a government trying to show how forward thinking it is, and how much it`s trying to bring prosperity to parts of Britain other than London.It even wants us to believe that the total cost will be just over half (42.6bn) of what the Institute of Economic Affairs predicts; what do they take us for? Miliband needs to show the same bottle he showed over Syria and say no to HS2 and a third runway, and no to Trident whilst he`s at it; lets have some detailed proposals for spending vast sums which will actually "change the economic geography of Britain", and which still could win him the next election.

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