Thursday, 17 October 2013

Miliband into Clegg, Labour into Lab Dems

Whilst there will be much support for the view expressed by the anonymous letter writer in the Guardian  that there is little point in electing "Labour just to get Tory policies with different spin"  the idea that Miliband "seems to be turning into Blair" is wrong. Anticipating the electorate`s reluctance to trust the Lib Dems again, the Labour party`s leadership seems hellbent on filling the vaccuum they will leave, with Miliband morphing into Clegg. The adoption of centrist policies, often, as with free schools, mere adaptations of government proposals, means that Labour sees more value in winning support from the swing voters in the south-east`s marginal seats than in pursuing left-wing ideas to help the working class and promote a society based on fairness and equality of opportunity. Miliband`s conference speech included no mention of nationalisation, nor of increased income tax for the rich, which now even the International Monetary Fund leaders support, nor, even more tellingly, any criticism of the Lib Dems for their complicity in this government`s destruction of the welfare state. With their support for Lib Dem policies like the mansion   tax, there is a real danger of becoming insufficiently different from the other parties; instead of " improving"  government policies, as Tristram Hunt seems intent to do, Labour should be proposing alternative ones. If they don`t, they may as well change their name to the Lab Dems!

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