Wednesday, 23 October 2013

omissions from conference speech,25/09/13

Although both Freedland`s article and the editorial noted "there were omissions" in Miliband`s speech, but neither highlighted what can only be described as mistakes.(Red Ed dares to talk over the heads of the Tory press, Labours new energy,25/09/13) The relationship with the unions was a subject for brevity and humour, when it was much more appropriate to show support to the Royal Mail workers, and Labour`s opposition to the endless and ridiculous stream of privatisation. It was an opportunity, too, to woo back the teaching unions, not only disgusted with Gove`s attempts to turn back  the educational clock for pupils and teachers, but with the lack of support from the Labour front bench. The failure to include repealing "Goveism", Miliband might yet live to regret!
Also of great concern was the failure to attack the Tories` key ally in all things Cameron, Clegg, even though his disingenuous speech at the Lib Dem conference exemplified political chicanery at its worst. This can only mean Miliband has a possible coalition in mind, when most Labour supporters find the idea totally abhorrent. 
    If "social justice" is really at the heart of Labour`s policies, as it should be, the opportunity to introduce fairer income tax bands was scorned, and so the usual criticism of Labour being unable to balance the books will undoubtedly continue. Of course, there were some encouraging signs, and the idea that the state, under a Labour government, will be used to enforce some price freezes, and to control some of the corporate greed, so rife in the last decades, is to be praised. But where was the promise, or even a threat, to take into public ownership uncooperative energy companies, provide social housing, and end Trident?

The suggestion that Miliband is "too leftwing for Britain" not only borders on ludicrousness when his speech included so little that could be defined as "socialist", it also serves as a reminder of how far to the right the media has shifted!

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