Thursday, 29 May 2014

BBC not blameless over Ukip

Well done, Russia Today!  How apposite that the "Kremlin-backed news programme", as reported in the Independent,  highlighted the "royal family`s links" to the Nazis at a time when our state-owned BBC is giving free publicity to a man, who in many ways really does deserve to be compared  to Hitler. Charles`s remarks about Putin merely showed his biased understanding of both history and current political affairs, but there is no excuse for the BBC`s lack of political judgement again revealing itself, this time in its build-up to the recent elections. Not only does the racist Farage denigrate other nationalities, he has uniformed members of an organisation called Britain First, with a reputation for intimidating muslim communities, at his meetings, and he plays on the fears of ordinary people during economic hardship. Yet he appears repeatedly on flagship programmes like Question Time and the Marr show, despite having no MPs at Westminster. As a result of the easy ride he is given on such programmes, even by Paxman on Newsnight, thousands voted for him without knowing the details of his policies, and how, for example, his support for a flat rate of income tax would  increase the amount paid by the poorer sections of society, and reduce that paid by the rich!

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