Saturday, 10 May 2014

Wintour`s mistake: Logic does not point to Tory win

Patrick Wintour`s excellent analysis of the parties` prospects in the run-up to the general election was spoilt a little by his comment that the "Labour poll lead seems to be defying gravity". (One year to go, and there is still all to play for,06/05/14) He was basing his judgement on the facts that many voters still hold Labour "responsible for the crash", and the more optimistic "economic figures" recently, whilst totally ignoring this Tory-dominated coalition`s record on everything else.The same edition of the Guardian was actually highlighting how government claims about "more people in work than ever before" are totally misleading, in view of the numbers of desperate people resorting to their "last refuge", self-employment,(Explosion in self-employment across UK hides real story behind upbeat job figures) and Polly Toynbee was debunking the myths about privatisation being preferable to state-ownership. (There`s no evidence it works, but privatisation marches on)
   How can Wintour seriously write that "logic suggests Cameron must win" the election when it is far more plausible to believe that if Labour`s propaganda machine gets its act together, and reminds the electorate of the cruel and grossly unfair policies adopted since 2010, Miliband should be a shoo-in! A start could be made with reminding voters of the destruction of the welfare state, and the declared intention to take the state`s role back to 1948 levels, the running down of the NHS leading inevitably to its privatisation, the selling off of the country`s assets at knockdown prices, the obscene tax benefits for the rich and the 28th position in the equality league table Britain now holds, the taking of education back to the 1950s, the ending of the Education Maintenance Allowance, decreasing social mobility, the list is endless. Have the banks been regulated, have bonuses been stopped, is there a housing bubble, are private rents out of control? Wintour gives two reasons for his "logic" comment, but there are hundreds suggesting otherwise! 

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