Sunday, 11 May 2014

Labour still too timid!

Douglas Alexander and Spencer Livermore , respectively the chairperson and director of Labour`s general election strategy, wrote an article for last week`s Observer, which explained precisely why they needed to appoint Axelrod to advise them! (Labour doesn`t just want to run the country, we want to change the way Britain is run,04/05/14) They say they are "confident the Conservatives are beatable", but that statement reveals the timidity which seems to be currently at the core of everything Labour. After four years of the Tory-dominated government`s cruel austerity policies which targeted the weakest and most vulnerable, whilst benefitting the richest and putting Britain into 28th position in the equality league table, selling the country`s assets at rock bottom prices, and taking education and welfare back to the 1950s, Labour should be "confident" of a landslide!
  They go on to recount how the Tories compared their "sensible market-based policy on rents" to those of Hugo Chavez, but fail to understand that such alarmist, hysterical responses will come, whatever the proposal, so they might as well be radical! As tax increases are inevitable, and their standing on the economy is the worry, Labour`s new adviser will no doubt suggest that they announce how the rich are to be taxed more as soon as possible, thereby re-assuring the bulk of the electorate that Labour will indeed "balance the books", and save the NHS from privatisation."Powerful interests" will be "determined to stop" them, but wasn`t it ever thus? A little more Attlee and FDR, please, and a little less Blair and Disraeli.

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