Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tax transparency would be electorally sensible, but....

      Cameron`s refusal to publish his tax returns more than two years after he was relaxed about the information being made public presents Miliband with a wonderful opportunity, not only to score valuable political points after a bad week in the polls, but also to show that the Labour party is different from the others.
      He should now briefly state his own tax details, and throw down the gauntlet to the other leaders to do the same. Miliband could even promise that all Labour MPs and candidates in the general election will make similar disclosures between now and May,2015. Now that really would be transparency in action, and put pressure on all political rivals, and perhaps even encourage usual non-voters to participate. 
      On the other hand, sadly, failure to score such easy political points suggests there is something to hide,as does Miliband`s failure to raise the issue at PMQs, and that the cynics are right: they are all in it together!  


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