Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Establishment has many "bullying faces"

 Suzanne Moore`s superb Guardian article clearly revealed how important the next general election is, and how essential it is for Labour to be more radical in its policies. (Jeremy Clarkson is not a maverick-he is the bullying face of the establishment,08/05/14) Sadly Clarkson is not alone, as the establishment has many "bullying faces", and tragically, many of them have been running the country for their own benefit for at least the last four years. Moore is right to say that part of the establishment "seeks not only to put a break on social progress, but to go backwards", and as she says, it is "about race and a whole lot more". It certainly includes education and social mobility; two of the first things this government did were to end the Education Maintenance Allowance and create a crisis out of GCSE results? The latter gave Gove the excuse he needed to take education backwards, and the two-tiered system is just an awful election result away. To decrease social mobility is clear  policy of this coalition government, and consequently, even graduates are failing to land jobs with enough pay to warrant loan repayments.
    The Tories have also pledged to reduce the size of the state to 1948 levels, yet another "refusal to embrace modernity". Governments cannot only be the representatives of the "rich and powerful, deriding the powerless whilst pretending to be victims", imposing austerity and poverty on the most disadvantaged; they have to be agents for "good", and that must mean progress and change!

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