Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Principles or personality? It`s a no-brainer!

      After the second world war, did the people of Britain worry about Clement Attlee`s lack of charisma and his hopeless attempts at public relations, or did they simply want a fairer society, better homes, improved educational opportunities for their children, and have hopes for a free health service for all? After all, they weren`t voting for a president, but the leader of the party with the policies which suited their needs the most.
      The political system has not changed, yet now, it appears, the leader`s personality is as important as his policies.and for some, more so! The news that Ed Miliband "makes four out of ten people less likely to vote Labour" is disappointing. Voters now seem to care more about politicians` geekiness than their proposals, more about their hairstyles than their principles. Is it any wonder we end up with a government which passes legislation to benefit the rich and to curtail social mobility, and  privatises institutions owned by the people at the drop of a hat?


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