Sunday, 27 July 2014

Basically, Blairites need to shut up!

      Was the "intensity of the adulation for Blair" at a Progress event really "a cause for concern" for Miliband, as Steve Richards suggested in the Independent this week? Given that Progress is, and always has been, a New Labour pressure group, support for their old leader, regardless of the fact that the speech was packed full of "general assertions" which were "rarely backed up by detailed prescriptions", was to be expected, but should not worry Miliband one iota.
      The truth is that the Blairites` divisiveness, and their leader`s advice to cosy-up to business and not to rock the financial institutions` boat, are the reasons Labour finds itself with a smaller than expected lead in the polls. Alarmingly, the most recent Ashcroft poll predicts that Ukip will win one of Labour`s target seats!

      Labour has been haemorrhaging votes to Ukip because its policies have been too similar to those of the Tories, and every time Blair, or one of his acolytes like Blunkett, suggests returning to "a comfort zone on the centre ground", the situation worsens.
      Far better if they all shut up, and put up a united front; they really need to contemplate what damage another 5 years of Tory dominance would do to this country!

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