Saturday, 26 July 2014

Letter to i on Tories and tax avoidance

Thank you i for exposing yet another tax avoiding British company.(The £550,000 Tory donor whose firm is one of Britain`s biggest tax avoiders,24/07/14) The news begs the obvious question: if, as George Osborne says, tax avoidance is "morally repugnant", what on earth does that make the Tory party`s acceptance of donations from the boss of a company that last year  "paid 2.6% global tax on profits of $846m"?
It`s certainly another reason to believe that all talk from Cameron about businesses having to "wake up and smell the coffee" was pure political rhetoric. With a tax gap of around £35m a year, and a National Health Service in dire need of extra funding, we can only hope that this government`s duplicitous approach to tax avoidance is remembered by every single voter in next year`s election.

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