Monday, 14 July 2014

Letter to i about Cameron`s reshuffle

He really does take us for idiots. Not content with feeble attempts to woo northern voters, with vague promises of extra funding whilst supporting the HS2 link from London to Birmingham and a third runway in the capital, Cameron is now trying to convince female voters of his support for gender equality. Does anyone really believe his sincerity in "promoting  a series of high-flying female ministers in a government reshuffle", when he has been in power for over four years,with a cabinet dominated by Eton-schooled, male millionaires? With ten months to the general election, last-minute promotions will fool no-one, and when the Tory party has to decide on Cameron`s successor, it`s odds-on that another male will be chosen! The truth is that the Tory party has done nothing to encourage the feminist cause, and attempts to remedy the situation now will be seen by the electorate for what they are, political bribes and cheap stunts!

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