Saturday, 26 July 2014

Guardian letter re Labour`s Catch22

Whilst Polly Toynbee may well be right to say that "the solidity of the policies taking shape is giving Labour a new spring in its step", but she omits the fact that it is the moderation of the policies which has lost Labour so many voters, especially to Ukip, predicted in the latest Ashcroft poll to win two of Labour`s target seats! (Labour`s got its spring back but what about the swing? 22/07/14) Goodwin and Ford`s research suggests the defectors to Ukip were not so worried by doubts about Labour`s "fiscal rectitude" as about  policies resembling those of the Tories too much, and some members of the front bench being too close to the City.(Revolt of the dispossessed,10/03/14) 
      This apparent Catch-22 situation is not insoluble, as there is in Toynbee`s words,"room for manoeuvre"; policies can be radicalised in some areas without additional cost, as in retaining RBS as a People`s bank, and a declaration of war on tax avoidance. In its struggle to win the swing voter`s trust, Miliband could insist that all Labour MPs and candidates make public their tax details  prior to the election, so that the electorate can be quite clear that there is at least one party willing to be transparent on this very important, and ethical, issue. Cameron failed to carry out his promise back in 2012, that the tax details of the leading lights of the cabinet would go public, and completely avoided answering a question about it in last week`s PMQs. Could this be the silver bullet Labour seeks?

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