Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Letter about BBC bias over Gaza

Ian Burrel is absolutely right to say that there`s "no room for complacency" at the BBC.(BBC can`t win as both sides accuse it of bias over the Middle East,28/07/14) It`s also true that the "caution that existed in the wake" of the 2004 Hutton report has increased with the more recent Savile revelations, and this is reflected in its coverage of the indiscriminate killing in Gaza. Burrel may "reject the idea" of pro-Israeli bias, but the lack of detailed analysis about how international law is being flouted in the blockade of Gaza, and the allowing of Israeli spokesmen to churn out prepared lines about the enemy, Hamas, without explaining why their war is against the Gazan population suggest otherwise.
By attempting to avoid controversy, and pursue a "neutral course", the BBC has shifted rightwards, and ignoring to give due coverage to the worldwide anti-Israeli protests, and appointing a right-wing economist as Newsnight presenter, and soon, a right-wing politician as its Trust chairperson, prove it!

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  1. IMO anyone seeing BBCnews as biased toward the "left" is probably incapable of making an honest assessment" of anything.