Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Labour to reshuffle Tristram?

Interesting that after Cameron`s reshuffle, "Labour noted that nearly all the education ministers were privately educated", when their shadow secretary for education is Tristram Hunt, former pupil of University College School.  Presumably Hunt`s initial appointment had much to do with the need to challenge Gove at the dispatch box, where his posh historical expertise could be a match for the Secretary of State`s superiority complex?
   Morgan`s appointment will inevitably entail a more conciliatory approach,and, as Melissa Benn says, will "prove a problem for Labour". It will certainly hinder Hunt`s policy of out-Goveing the previous encumbent. His refusal to support the teaching profession, either in their struggle to maintain acceptable pay and pensions, or in their objections to the assessment reforms and removal of the "level playing field", could well prove yet another embarrassment for the Labour leader, especially if Hunt continues to insist that "character and resilience" can only be found in the private sector! Another reshuffle could well be on the cards!

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