Thursday, 28 April 2016

Arrogance begins with "Look"!

"Selling a pay-rise lie" is only the second instalment of Osborne`s con-trick, as his idea of a "national living wage" was always going to be different from the one most people have, one that enables workers to earn more than is required for rent and food (Morning Star,19/04/16). The facts that under 25s are excluded from the "measly rate", and that it is well below what financial experts reckon is needed, are, presumably, unimportant, especially as young and poor people are deemed least likely to vote.
 Such arrogance from the Tories, and Osborne in particular, is leading to their downfall; the chancellor`s latest scare-mongering figures relating to the country leaving the EU, are so outrageously dubious even his Tory friends, Gove included, resent being treated "like children". Yet Osborne clearly doesn`t understand how such interference from him weakens the "Remain" case; obviously, empathy wasn`t being assessed when Osborne gained his first-class honours degree! 
  He`s not alone; there are so many politicians who, when being interviewed, begin their sentences with "Look", as in "Look, the figure of £4300 is......". What the speaker is not saying, but implying, is "Look you cretin, you can`t understand details so simply accept what I say, the figure of £4300 is .....".
    If Gove can tell school teachers that starting sentences with "However" is wrong, Corbyn should instruct all Labour politicians never to be so arrogant as to begin theirs with "Look"!


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