Friday, 29 April 2016

Mann wrong on Green

John Mann is way off the mark (BHS owner moved £1.5m out of business last week, 27/04/16). Why should he be given the choice of repaying the dividends, "or lose his knighthood"? It`s not as though Green gave the BHS workers in the pension fund any choice.
There are no ifs and buts to this matter. Green must be forced to pay back the dividends, and as a result of his continuous greed and corporate chicanery, he should have his knighthood removed; furhermore, an exception should be made to the rule that "secured creditors get paid first", thereby ensuring Green`s Arcada group gets paid nothing from BHS until all the other creditors get what they are owed (BHS suppliers facing £52m blow from unpaid debts,27/04/16)..

     He has cost the Treasury millions, if not more, over the years,in avoided taxes, and is a disgrace, both to the business community and to the country.

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