Friday, 29 April 2016

Tories and Skodas

Strange how Kevin Maguire ended his Commons Confidential piece with "The guy must be joking...right?", when that is exactly what many readers will have been thinking when deciphering the paragraph about Tory Charles Walker`s attempt to become Speaker (Skoda of conduct,22nd April,2016). This would-be Bercow sneeringly dismisses "Cameron`s £19000 Panama profits" as barely sufficient to purchase a Skoda Octavia, but Maguire`s "joke" is thinking that he thereby lost the support of Labour MPs because a "surprising number" of them own one.
   Firstly, why is it a surprise that there are MPs who wouldn`t dream of buying a flash car to look "cool", and who instead work hard in their constituencies to earn respect? Many of them know that millions in this country work hard and still fall well short of earning, even with the "national living wage", in a year anything like Cameron`s "windfall".  It would be far more becoming of an associate editor (politics) of the Daily Mirror to take maximum advantage of Walker`s arrogance to illustrate how the Tories, since 2010 especially, have taken the public for mugs with their northern powerhouse nonsense and their utter contempt for unions and public sector workers.

  It may be an adept way to end a column, but less so when the real "joke" is on the author!

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