Friday, 22 April 2016

More Tory contempt

One might have thought that, having been caught with their fingers in the Panama pie, Tories would have learned the important lesson that they cannot continue to threaten the existence of the "social contract", by treating the British public with contempt. There is little evidence, however, to illustrate that they understand "the impetus for the public outrage" over their tax affairs, and plenty to suggest that hiding their wealth from the taxman`s prying eyes on an industrial scale is deemed as their right (The Panama fallout,15th April,2016).
       Cameron clearly thinks setting up an inquiry headed by Edward Troup, who apparently regards tax as "legalised extortion", will appease the masses into thinking he is serious in his intent to end tax avoidance. Similarly, as your Leader implied,  his repeated use of emotive language to defend the financial chicanery of his "wonderful and hardworking dad", continues the trend of treating us like mugs, unable to grasp the purpose of a "tax minimising vehicle" like Blairmore.  
     Of course, the past-master at this is George Osborne, who obviously feels that the creation of a tunnel here, and a road-widening there, will convince the populace that the Tories are creating a "northern powerhouse". We are not expected to understand that news such as 83% of the government`s £300m relief fund will go to Tory-run councils, mostly in the south, is proof of the ridiculous bias this administration shows for southern England, whilst the £3 and £694 earned from interest, according to tax returns by Osborne and Johnson respectively, are figures which can only be politely described as "mickey-taking".
  Then there`s Sir Alan Duncan and his view that tax transparency will deprive Parliament of high "achievers"? My case rests! 


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