Friday, 15 April 2016

New Statesman letter on tax reforms

Your leader rightly says that the "government cannot eliminate multinational tax avoidance on its own", but if this administration wants to ensure more of us do not "lose faith in the fairness of Britain", it can take some obvious and simple steps (Tax and the social contract,8th April,2016). Publication of tax returns of all government employees, from PM to judges and magistrates, from BBC presenters to athletes and footballers representing our country, will help; as some American revolutionaries nearly said,"no representation without taxation"! The government could also, following the example of FDR back in the New Deal era, with his award of Blue Eagles for economy-supportive companies, announce its full support for the Fair Tax Mark. Tax avoiding businesses, with their fiscal chicanery, run the risk of alienating the public, which is why the Fair Tax Mark is so useful as a guide for consumers. The award can be used in advertising, and on company logos, by the firms to encourage custom, winning public support by their commitment to playing a part in revitalising the country`s economy. Such companies can, at least, give the impression that they are aware of the importance of taxation, in that it pays for the workforce`s education, the transport facilities available, and the security every business needs to prosper. 
    There are other simple devices to alter the current culture too, such as changing the honours system to ensure no future knighthoods and suchlike are awarded to individuals, and CEOs of companies, involved in avoidance and evasion scams. Government contracts should only be given to companies paying the correct amounts of tax, representatives from the "big 4" accounting firms should be banned from government committees on tax, and anti-avoidance "tax harmonisation" policies with the EU should be adopted.

It`s hardly "rocket science", but it`s miles better than meaningless Tory rhetoric!

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