Saturday, 3 September 2016

Unpublished letter criticising biased article on Cameron

A less biased analysis of Cameron`s leadership would almost certainly include mention of his austerity policies, with, at least once, a description of his decision to hold an EU referendum as "arrogant" (A fatal insouciance,26th August,2016). The whole Brexit calamity he brought on himself, not merely the initial go-ahead, but the very nature of the debate. Sandbrook`s verdict that posterity will "not remember him at all" ignores both the millions of lives Cameron damaged with the most callous austerity measures seen in modern times, and also the fact that his governments` legislation  was based on false premises.
        Financial institutions did not need to change their practices, or be forced to endure external regulation, because the whole economic crisis had been caused by Labour`s profligacy; the next generation should not be faced with the unpaid debts of this one; only by shrinking the state to unprecedented levels could the books be balanced; a wholesale reform of the assessment system was the only way for education standards to rise. More recently, we were expected to believe that the Tories were intending to spend billions on a "northern powerhouse", even though government grants to northern councils had been halved! Aided by the tabloid press and the Tory propaganda machine, the British public was, to put it simply, conned.
      With the political-truth bar set so low, is it any wonder that, not only did Johnson and fellow Brexiteers fuel their campaign with outrageous lies, but Remain`s retaliation was also based on a complete disregard for evidence and facts.
   Cameron will be remembered for more than his "Brexit bungle", provided, of course, the historians are a little less selective with their evidence than Mr Sandbrook.


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