Saturday, 31 December 2016


Two sixteen, probably not the best, 
Too many iconic figures laid to rest.
Too many worst nightmares realised;
Voters, like rabbits in car lights, Brexitised,
Thinking a lurch to the right is wise,
"Britain for the British, not for Poles and Eyeties".
52% vote Brexit, all ties are torn;
 it`s goodbye Cameron, and George Osborne.
Mayhem in Downing Street, Boris Foreign Sec.,
 Across the water, it`s neck and neck.
What`s that? Oh no! That can`t be true.
Trump has won - misogynists rule!
The message from the year is clear - 
FDR was wrong - we have everything to fear.
Chicanery and duplicity have won the day; 
no-one believes a word politicians say.
May with her "Jams", and "co-determination". 
Who will believe Trump`s "state of the nation"?
Two seventeen? It`s anyone`s guess.
Le Pen matching Donald Trump`s success?
Anything worse we cannot see, 
unless it`s Blair in charge of a political party!

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