Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Of course international aid is affordable

Sadly, as Andrew Webster says, people are increasingly asking why Britain should contribute so much in international aid when "so many services at home desperately need money" (No turning back for international aid,26/12/16). The point is that £12bn can easily be afforded, plus billions more for our public services. What is needed is a government with the courage to tax fairly and efficiently, ignoring the Laffer curve as right-wing propaganda, raising income tax so that people earning three times the national average pay much more, and treating tax evasion and avoidance as punishable crimes.
   Priti Patel`s insistence that tackling hunger and drought is "in Britain`s interest" is correct, not least because it offers some sort of morality into government policy which is far too dominated by arms sales, and deals with ruthless dictators.

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