Monday, 12 December 2016

Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman (to the tune of Mr Tambourine Man)

Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, you`ve read all that I`ve wrote,
I ain`t worthy and you must have read my words wrong.
Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, you`ve given me your vote,
But the narrow minded cynics see no value in my songs.

Given me an award, which really struck a chord
With college students, but not the ones most prudent,
Caused a fuss with all the press, writing from their desks,
I`m "just a singer"!
I`m ready to back down, I`m ready to refuse,
Really make some news, but if your vote means anything,
I promise I`ll come and get it.

You clearly liked my rhymes, like when all freedom chimes,
 "Aimed at anyone" paired with "escapin` on the run",
It`s not Shakespeare, but made my reputation,
As spokesman for a generation.

It ain`t Steinbeck but it rhymes and resonates
It`s me you want to venerate, but you alienate
All the professors and literature heavyweights,
That`s what the prize for me necessitates.

Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, thank you for your vote.
I ain`t worthy but what the hell, I`ve wrote my share.
Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, I`m not the one to gloat,
You can quote me and compare me anywhere.

Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, as your name implies,
I am honoured and am humbled by your judgement.
Hey Mr Nobel Prizeman, it`s really a surprise
That you`ve honoured me, a writer so self indulgent!

 I ain`t Hemingway or Faulkner or even Twain,
If I confuse I explain. Don`t cast aspersion;
Never asked for adulation or citation
 For my songwriting.
I`m ready to accede, I`m ready to receive,
If you really believe that I am worthy
Of your literature award.

Hey Mr Nobel Peaceman, it`s really a surprise.
"Masters of War" didn`t stop the killing, god wasn`t willing,
Hey Mr Nobel Peaceman, open up your eyes,

I`m no champion, no conquering hero, just Bob Dylan!

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