Sunday, 4 December 2016

Too much Blair

Seven pages and the cover devoted to Blair (Unfinished business, 25th November,2106)!! No, he isn`t "quite the fugitive in his own land" because of the Iraq war , and his "extensive business operations", but why he receives such a vast amount of attention from a leading left-leaning magazine beggars belief. Blair is the most important single reason for the dire state of British politics today, yet he arrogantly thinks he can become "an agent of influence"; what a shame he didn`t think that earlier, rather than making billions out of "advising" dictators. Are we suddenly meant to forget, for example, how he appeared in a propaganda video praising the "progress" being made in Kazakhstan, under the dictatorship of President Nazarbayev? Did the 13 million dollars he was paid, according to the Financial Times, blind Blair to the shooting of striking workers there, and the killing of the leaders of opposition parties? Almost definitely, but sadly, Jason Cowley didn`t ask him!
  People`s faith in politicians in general was shattered when a prime minister was prepared to lie blatantly to the nation to rustle up support for an unnecessary and illegal war, and in Labour politicians specifically, when he brown-nosed the City, and failed to regulate the financial institutions. The Middle East is still suffering the consequences of Blair`s war , the UK has been forced to endure six years of austerity under Tory-dominated governments, because of Blair`s failure to think beyond Westminster, and the New Statesman still gives him all that space? I am astounded and disappointed; you`ll be giving him the Diary slot next!

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  1. You can never have too much of a good thing. Unfortunately, Tony Blair is not a good thing.