Saturday, 17 December 2016

Criticism of New Statesman

I have little doubt that this will share the same fate as my recent letters, but I will persevere nevertheless. Helen Lewis recently opined that the American media should do some serious "soul searching" over its role in Trump`s election, but shouldn`t the editors of the New Statesman be doing the same thing over the move to the right in this country (The politics of whitelash, 11th November,2016)?Whether Trump was treated as a joke-candidate for too long, and whether his political beliefs were investigated in sufficient depth, are certainly questions many Americans should be asking themselves, but the same can be said of the British media in relation to this country`s dire political situation.
 In recent weeks there have been letters and a Diary written by Norman Tebbitt, Thatcher`s right hand man, and a huge section devoted to Blair and his "comeback", whilst last week`s orgy of pessimism about the UK`s future included the Diary written by the political editor of the Sunday Times, and an article on the Labour party of all things, by a writer for the Times (Things can only get worse for Labour,9th December). Yes, there was the token gesture of the Guest Column written by John McDonnell, but what`s the point when the rest of the issue attacks anything left of centre?
       Instead of moaning about the demise of liberalism, wouldn`t it be far more productive to have interviews with representatives of the left, perhaps some of Labour`s current front-benchers, and articles analysing the policies of the right? Theresa May`s Downing Street speech has to be exposed for the fake promises it contained, the Autumn Statement for the complete waste of effort which it was; at least,Tories` anticipation of "another decade in government" would look presumptuous!  Nuttall`s policies need to be examined for the neo-fascism they contain, and the danger to which they would expose the country should Ukip, heaven forbid, form part of a right wing government.
According to its website, the New Statesman is "celebrated for its progressive politics", but I can`t help wondering what the Webbs would be making of its content recently! 

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