Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tories wrong on education again!

As usual, May`s government has got its priorities wrong again. It should not be focussing on "a national funding formula for schools", as no Tory government is going to reduce funding for wealthy areas, especially, it seems, this one, which is prepared to spend billions on unnecessary selective and free schools.
     Far better to spend taxpayers` money where it is needed, on classroom teachers` salaries. Whilst there is a recruitment crisis, results are not going to improve more than they have, and until the teaching profession is valued as an important section of society, and paid accordingly, catching up with Nordic and Asian schools` results is a pipe-dream!

 How very generous of the Independent Schools Council to offer 10,000 "free" places, provided the taxpayer comes up with £5,500 for each one (Private schools propose plan for 10,000 "free" places, 10/12/16). This almost certainly has more to do with the private sector feeling threatened by their future clients` confidence in getting their children into grammar schools, than fear of losing their charitable status. Most offer their swimming pools to local primaries, or use a similar ruse to keep their huge "tax privileges", because they "assist state schools", but this plan shows how anxious all of them are about falling rolls.
     How typical of the private schools to become worried that grammars could threaten their existence, and to show little concern when the results of thousands of excellent non-selective comprehensives have shown where the best teaching takes place. What a shame snobbery plays such a significant role in our society, especially, it seems, when choosing schools!

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