Saturday, 7 December 2013

Back to the 40s

How convenient for the Tories! According to the Office for Budget Responsibilty`s figures, the spending cuts over the next six years will "shrink state services back to a level not seen since 1948", and by then, Gove`s  reforms will have made necessary a two-tier system of education, just like the one we had back in the 1940s. 30% of pupils will be attending academies focusing on academic examinations, and 70% will be attending schools with a more practical curriculum. They probably won`t be calling them "grammar schools" and "secondary moderns" but that is what they`ll be.They might even be providing free milk, as so many would-be recruits for the armed forces will have failed their medical examinations, and the CBI will have started to complain about the health of the workforce.
"Back to the 40s with the Tories" sounds a reasonable Labour election slogan, but it will only have the desired effect if voters can see that Labour won`t take them back there as well!

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