Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Concerns over Cameron`s vocabulary

Another day, another example of Cameron`s duplicity. Is there no end to this government`s deception and ingenuity? For years we`ve been inundated with the Tory propaganda machine, aided and abetted by their loyal Lib Dem poodles, repeatedly bleating about Labour being the reason for the 2008 financial crisis. Then we were forced to listen to Gove`s nonsense about the examination system somehow failing pupils, and causing us to lose the global race, whatever that is. Next up, the claim to support the "hard-working strivers", even though paying a living wage and ending zero-hours contracts appear beyond them. This week, Archbishop Nichols exposed the sham that is the government`s claim that families are the bedrock of society, whilst breaking up, on their own admission, 17,800 of them with their inhumane immigration law, which they stealthily passed through parliament just before the summer recess Today we are expected to believe that the war in Afghanistan has been won, despite the fact that the enemy, the Taliban, are thriving in Pakistan, and will return as soon as Nato troops leave, It seems there are another two words, to be added to "tax avoidance", "social mobility",and "equality of opportunity", whose meaning is beyond the Oxbridge posh boys."Mission accomplished"seems pretty straightforward to me.


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