Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tanya was right

Tanya Gold was right to remind us, in the week when the disgraceful Iain Duncan Smith "slunked out" of Parliament when the debate on food banks was going on, as if they had nothing to do with him, of the fact that "fairness was the terrible lie" of this government.(The wrong kind of poor,21/12/13) Still the duplicity of this government continues unabated, and apparently knows no bounds. Whilst there are more working people classed as living in poverty than unemployed, the coalition has the audacity to claim it represents the interests of the "hard-working strivers". Presumably, outsourced cleaners with three jobs, and carers making over 20 calls a day, need to "strive" harder? The launching of a stealthy assault on low-earners in this month`s Autumn Statement, with more reductions in universal credit is further evidence that these are not so much austerity measures as downright poverty-enforcement, and Lib Dem support for them should ensure no liberal-minded person ever votes for Clegg and his cronies again. The right wing media amuse themselves, as Gold says, by denouncing the actions of the likes of Jack Monroe, whilst approving the government`s deceit; did they not support Osborne when he fought the case against capping bankers` bonuses? .
   Yet more duplicity comes  with Cameron and Clegg competing with each other to be the families` champion, whilst they disgracefully rush through at the end of the parliamentary year a policy which, on their own admission, will split up 17,800 families. Well done, Archbishop Nichols, for raising concerns about these new immigration rules.Spouses being refused entry, or being deported because their partner does not earn £18,600, is wrong on so many moral and social accounts. It is imperative that a duplicitous government, which uses deportation as an electoral tool, should be defeated as soon as possible.  

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