Monday, 16 December 2013

Letter to Guardian 14/09/13

Call me old-fashioned, and indeed, "boring", but I found the Rachel Reeves interview on "Newsnight" last week, the most interesting item, not only on the Monday programme, but in the whole week`s output. (MP tells of humiliation at "boring, snoring" jibe,14/09/13) Clearly, I am not the only one who feels that the sincerity she demonstrated, the disgust she has with the coalition`s lack of concern for the poor and less fortunate, and the determination she displayed to improve matters, were heartening, giving us hope that Labour can still come out with the necessary policies to win the next election. Surely it is no coincidence that in the same week as Reeves`s "Newsnight" appearance, we hear of Lib Dems suddenly keen again, as their venerable leader infamously proclaimed last year, to "hardwire fairness" into government policies, with a new concern to "lift living standards for large parts of the workforce"? (Lib Dems to push for minimum wage increase, 14/09/13) Isn`t the purpose of "Newsnight" to inform its audience of current political thinking, and even to stimulate debate? It certainly isn`t to give publicity to a band with a new album in the shops! Reeves should be congratulated for her performance, not least for getting Vince Cable to speak out. Let`s hope Miliband was watching!

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