Sunday, 1 December 2013

Smirking George

What an inspired piece of editing, to have the smirking George Osborne on the same page as the news about the bankers` 35% increases. As if the news wasn`t sickening enough!! Osborne`s friends in the City with their obscene pay rises might possibly think him preferable to the embarrassing Johnson as future Tory leader. After all, he has tried to get the EU bonus cap declared illegal, done next to nothing about their tax avoidance and evasion, and sent none of them to prison for their scams, interest rate fixing, money laundering and mis-selling, whilst at the same time selling them valuable taxpayer-owned assets at ridiculously low prices, and cutting public sector jobs. The fact that his Plan A failed to kickstart the economy, and that his Funding for Lending schemes have had to be reined in by the Bank of England as there was so little being lent to small businesses and house prices were beginning to soar, matter little.What is important is British workers are saying they "are just happy to have a job", even if it`s on a zero hours contract or paid with the measly minimum wage; of course we have a form of "economic apartheid", as we race to the bottom in our efforts to compete in Cameron`s "global race".Cleaners need three jobs to make ends meet, and wonderful carers have to travel between their often 20+ calls a day without pay, many relying on food banks to survive, but employers escape punishment for paying rates below the legal minimum. The Low Pay Commission meet in January and their job should be easy: all employees to be paid the "living wage", inflation-indexed, and any employer failing to obey the law to face criminal prosecution, but, of course, Labour should be committed to delivering all of these already.Failure on their part to do so should be seen as a dereliction of their duty; if their leader doesn`t see that, he`s in the wrong job!

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