Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lib Dems lurching to oblivion!

 Yet more ingenuity from the Lib Dems, with Alexander denying his party have moved to the right. Coming from a Lib Dem coalition minister who has supported  a government, probably to the right of  Thatcher`s administration, in all of its efforts to impose legalised poverty on the majority of British people, the statement that his party is not "lurching to the right" takes some beating! So Clegg and his cronies do not agree with Osborne, who in the Autumn Statement, committed government spending levels by 2018 to be proportionally similar to those of 1948? They disagree, too, with Cameron, who, in the lord mayor`s banquet, stated that he has no intention of "resuming spending once the structural deficit" has been removed, and that his aim is a "leaner, more efficient state"? Back we go then, to the days of 19th century laissez-faire, workers` exploitation and the rich getting richer? Of course they agree, just like they agreed with Gove`s examination reforms, though they couldn`t see that, apart from personal ambition, the education secretary`s aim is the return of grammar schools and a two-tiered system, something Lib Dems are meant to be opposing!
They expect us to believe their role in the coalition has been to rein in extreme Tory measures; what do they take us for? If there is any political justice, the 2015 election will bring an end to this nonsense, and an end to the careers of unprincipled politicians, whose "economy with the truth" is reaching legendary status. A "lurch" into political oblivion would be a very apt and deserved conclusion!


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