Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cameron`s other black book

This is a response to a story that Cameron has a black book with all the examples of Lib Dem blocking Tory policies.

Of course, an alternative version of Cameron`s black book would include such entries as: Lib Dems agree to our austerity plans. Can`t believe it, thought they were liberals;
Clegg can`t see that Gove`s examination reforms will lead to a two-tier system of education. That`s the whole point, the return of grammar schools. He even supported the student fees hike and the end of the Education Maintenance Grant. What`s he like? May as well go ahead with plans to privatise the NHS.
 OMG they`ve even agreed to reducing the top tax to 45%. Can`t believe it. It`s now 2012 and Clegg has just realised  we should "hardwire more fairness into our policies"; bit late for that! Let`s go ahead with plans for a Bedroom tax.
Time to `fess up and prepare for 2015. I`ll admit spending wouldn`t change, even if there was no financial problem, and Ozzy`s Autumn Statement will shrink the state back to 1948 levels.Time to go for that Tory majority and make our differences with the Lib Dems more obvious. What? They`ve even agreed to that? Next thing, Clegg will be wanting to "cross the floor".
Coming to the end of 2013 and Scottie Alexander says his party aren`t "lurching to the right". What on earth have they been supporting us for nearly four years for then?
If indeed such a book existed, it`s clear it would be a lot thicker than the other one Andrew Grice imagined on Friday! Perhaps Labour leaders should be writing it?

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