Thursday, 22 September 2016

Attacks on Corbyn`s leadership acts of desperation

Ken Loach rightly says that the right wing of the Labour Party is determined to "keep control at any cost", which explains their recent tactics (Morning Star,17/09/16). Attacking Corbyn`s left-wing policies as too radical, making the party unelectable, became unsustainable when polls revealed widespread popularity of these policies; the fact that Corbyn`s opponent in the leadershio contest has adopted all of his domestic policies is testament to the idiocy of the tactic in the first place.
Having failed to remove Corbyn from the leadership ballot, there was nothing left for them but to launch an offensive against his supposed lack of "strong" leadership qualities, without, of course, any agreement in the country whatsoever, as to what such qualities are. Cameron demonstrated his strength with the decision to attack the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, whilst reducing the tax burden of the rich!  May appears to think that imitating Thatcher at her most evil shows leadership!
    Miliband also gets off lightly, despite the fact that his leadership qualities excluded  the ability to veto such crass ideas as the pink mini-bus, and the "Ed Stone". Then there`s Brown and his failure to hold a winnable early general election, Blair and war, and Kinnock, one of Corbyn`s most outspoken critics, who decided to lose the 1992 election single-handedly at the Sheffield rally.
   Attacking Corbyn for lacking the necessary leadership qualities demonstrates how desperate the right-wingers are!


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