Friday, 30 September 2016

Beatle songs in an economics article!! Message is clear.

Not often do we see an attempt to write a serious article on economics, with Beatle song titles hidden in the text (How to fix the gaping hole in Britain`s finances,19.09.16). Larry Elliott`s comment, that the "summer of love in 1967 included a song by the Beatles called Fixing a Hole", was the clue, and there duly followed multiple mentions of the title-song from the group`s second film, "Help", the track from Abbey Road, "Because", and the last track from their second album,"Money"!
   It won`t be long before a Guardian writer admits something simple can be done to bring about the end of many of the problems of the British economy in a day. In the life of this parliament, the taxman can be called upon to find out what goes on in business finances, and then act. Naturally he would make them pay billions more, because at the moment their profits are for no one but the shareholders.

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