Sunday, 18 September 2016

May`s teachers failed her

Andrew Rawnsley is deluding himself with his view  that his so-called "multi-environment" education gives him a "bit of insight into how the protagonists" about grammar schools are thinking (The psychology of Mrs May and her grammar school crusade,11/09/16). Having never attended, or taught in, a non-selective secondary comprehensive, he will have never experienced schools where pupils of all abilities are given the opportunity to maximise their potential, and where the teaching staff are committed to the cause of raising standards for all pupils.
     The skill of being able to evaluate evidence, and reach unbiased, valid conclusions is one which most educationalists, employers and parents value highly, but clearly, Theresa May`s grammar schools teachers failed with her on this one; sadly, it looks as though those same teachers did indeed make the prime minister "the woman she is today", as she says, because she obviously doesn`t appreciate how specialist evidence must never be ignored.

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