Friday, 23 September 2016

"Theresa May" to the tune of Rod Stewart`s "Maggie May"

Theresa May: Music; Stewart; Lyrics; Evans
Wake up, Theresa. You know that I`ve got lots to say to you.
Your claims to be a "compassionate Tory" don`t ring true.
You keep blathering on, about helping everyone
But Theresa, we don`t believe you any more.
You want to privatise the NHS,
Social mobility? You couldn`t care less.
Your Downing Street lies are what really hurt.
The Murdoch press, when it`s on your case, supports your deeds.
Yet you window dress, couldn`t care less about corporate greed.
Think your hero`s Disraeli,
Who might have passed laws daily,
But Theresa, that PM didn`t change a thing!
You force doctors to resist,
With teachers next on your list,
You`ll shrink the state, and that`s a crime we can do without.
All we needed was a state to hate that laissez-faire,
But you clearly are its lover, and mother, how you love to see tax avoidance grow.
All you did was name n` shame,
And list all the companies to blame.
Oh Theresa, make them pay the living wage.
You went on holiday,
Leaving Boris in charge, totes amaze!.
You must be mad. It`s "Have I got News" for you!

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