Friday, 9 September 2016

Proof: May does not mean what she says

Is it not rather surprising that your political editor appears to believe that Theresa May "defies the trend" of politicians "saying one thing and doing another" (Politics,2nd September,2016)? If she really "means what she says", as Eaton clearly believes, she will already be planning to put into action her declaration at Downing Street, that when it comes to taking "big calls", she will "think not of the powerful", nor listen to the "mighty". Strange how one of her first acts was, in fellow-Tory Sarah Wollaston`s words, to "put the interests of the advertising industry ahead of the interests of children", thereby ripping up the anti-obesity strategy! Her support for grammar schools means that the "talents" of 75% children will take them to a secondary modern; so much for a government that "works not for the privileged few, but for every one"!
     On the penultimate day of the last parliamentary session, May`s government issued a statement admitting that no assessment of Saudi Arabia`s use of British-bought arms in Yemen had taken place, despite insisting it had earlier in the year. The biggest Tory donor in the second quarter of 2016 was a certain Gerardo Lopez Fojaca, based in Luxembourg, so that his capital gains tax is 0%; he is the CEO of a company with links to Russian banks sanctioned by the EU and US, and he owns companies named in the Panama Papers. Presumably, Eaton believes, not only that May is serious in her claims about attacking tax avoidance, but also that she will create the "northern powerhouse", despite Tories repeatedly decimating the grants to the north`s councils?
  Of course, the Labour MPs should be making these points, instead of committing hari-kari over leadership preferences, but it would help if so-called "left-leaning" political correspondents were not so gullible. The evidence so far is clear; May does not "mean what she says"!


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