Monday, 19 September 2016

Lack of TUC coverage

As the Guardian has frequently attributed the UK`s growing inequality problems, in part, to the decine in importance of trade unions, endorsed May`s sudden support for industrial co-determination, and even acknowledged the role played by "tiny unions such as the admirably scrappy Independent Workers` Union" in prompting HMRC into taking action against rogue employers, its less than adequate coverage of the TUC conference appears perverse (The gig economy isn`t as groovy as it sounds but it must be made fair,14/09/16). Admittedly, ninety or so words were writen about the vote on workers wearing high heels, but nothing appeared on the same day`s debates on racism, blacklisting, the Tories` disgraceful Trade Union Act, education and the loss of 10,000 firefighters` jobs,
     If workers are to be encouraged to join unions, if employers are to be punished, and if this government is to tackle inequality, reporting on the annual unions` conference is surely worthy of inclusion, especially in a left-leaning newspaper like the Guardian. There was, after all, sufficient space to devote three quarters of a page to Rupert Murdoch`s "devastation at marriage breakup", half a page to a film about Jackie Kennedy, and almost a whole page to a television programme, about baking, moving channels (Bake Off presenters "refuse to go with the dough" to Channel 4,14.09.16).


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