Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Today interview with Jeremy Hunt, as it sadly never happened

I had a dream about the Today programme:

John Humphrys: Welcome Health Secretary. Isn`t it your job to oversee, and protect, the health of the people?
Jeremy Hunt; Of course, and I feel proud and privileged to hold the position.
JH: So why have you deliberately put people`s health at risk by forcing on over-worked and over-stressed junior doctors a new contract?
Hunt: Now look, John, you and I both know that..
JH: You are constantly claiming that you want a "seven day health service", but are unwilling to put in the extra essential funds; the five day service is under huge financial pressure already, so why don`t you admit that there is another motive for this?
Hunt: Now look, John, as you know perfectly well, our government has pledged an extra £10bn for the Department of Health`s budget, and that..
JH: What I know is that the real figures are that, by 2020-21, health funding will only have gone up by £4.5bn, a paltry amount, given the urgency of the situation. Furthermore, rather than increasing spending, you have already made, as yet, secret plans for cuts to essential services and units across the country.
Hunt: Now look, you and I..
JH: We know that a seven day service is in the Conservative manifesto, but so what? In the introduction Cameron stated that the people will "always be able to rely on our cherished National Health Service", and that`s the important point, isn`t it?
Hunt: The truth is, John, that..
JH: This government is deliberately creating a crisis situation, when it, or you in particular, could easily stop the strike by postponing the new imposed contract. You don`t want to do that because, by creating doubt in the people`s minds about the NHS`s sustainability, you can then proceed with more privatisation.
Hunt: The country cannot afford to..
JH: Rubbish! Of course it can. Fair taxes on the rich would create billions, and ,,
Hunt: Oh golly, is that the time?

Told you it was a dream!

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